Our Mission

Founded in April of 2019, LuxyLoo aims to deliver smart lifestyle products that enhance your health and daily routine.

We strive to introduce products to North America that will help us all achieve the following:

Wiping is Gross

Leave nasty hygienic habits behind.


Reduce our usage of wasteful toilet paper.

Sketch 4.jpg

Eliminate pain from wiping.

Luxy's Leaders

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Annalee Belle

Dutchess of the Throne

Annalee Belle is a renowned make-up artist and model. Additionally, she is an influencer who likes to talk about mental health, fashion, travel, and beauty.

She is passionate about getting our great products to the North American consumer with an honest and thoughtful approach.

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Sarah Flicker

Queen of the Throne

Co-founder Sarah Flicker is a project manager by day and a bidet pusher by night.


Her goal is to help change North America's hygiene habits and to promote a better way to get clean.

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JD Scott

Overlord of the Throne

JD Scott is a TV Host on HGTV and Great American Country.

JD has over 20 years experience in the entertainment  and construction industries. 

He is excited to bring the bidet movement to North America, and he wants to share the opportunity of living a more sustainable lifestyle by using our loo.

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Zachary Pretekin

King of the Throne

Co-founder Zachary Pretekin spends his days as an awnings account executive and when everyone else is sleeping, he is our logistics guru.

He has traveled the world and can't wait to revolutionize North America's Loo industry. 

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