Drew and Jonathan's Reveal Magazine

Drew Scott 

"This makes any bathroom feel like a spa! Between the heated seat, the adjustable water temperature, and saving toilet paper... it's no wonder I take my time in the bathroom."



Jonathan Scott

Rationing toilet paper? “Our older brother, J.D., swears by an electric bidet ‘smart seat’ called My Luxury Loo,” Drew says.  Replacing the entire bowl costs more, but the spray jets and touch-free operation reduce transmission of germs. “Once you go bidet, you never go back,” says Jonathan.


AEW Pro Wrestler Testimonial

Lance Archer "Murderhawk"

  • 6'8" tall superhuman strength 

  • Knocks out opponents (and germs)

  • Treats his peach 

KOA- iHeart Radio Interview

The Mandy Connell Show

"This thing is super high speed. This thing is amazing."

"It's got a remote control, and it's got setting for two people."

"It's not just about comfort... it's about saving money."