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Casper 8 Startup Disc (Boot CD) Full Version [Latest 2022]




alaz: That's not what I'm asking. Jordan_U: Thats why I stated you to run "check" instead of "fix". wileee: that's probably right. hfp: There is no reason to use "sudo mount -a" in that case. bekks: I'm not trying to tell him to run "check". I'm telling him that if he were to run "check" it will only return a "Disk check passed" which may not necessarily mean that everything is okay. bekks: sorry, I misread that no worries bekks: I just updated a lot of things. bekks: so I figured reboot was a good idea. hfp: You may need to reboot anyway, depending on your HW. Jordan_U: It's not my mac. It is my boss's mac. You can use a product key, the mac itself won't matter alaz: It's not clear what you're doing to your Mac other than trying to boot Ubuntu from the install media, but if you were doing that then it's your Mac, not Ubuntu's problem. If you're not trying to do that then the problem is really your Mac. ok Jordan_U: If he needs to use a product key, what is the command? alaz: What exactly are you trying to do? How are you trying to do it? alaz: does his Mac have UEFI? alaz: Can you boot from a USB drive? jesterP: Yes, you can install Ubuntu via USB to UEFI macs as long as the USB drive can boot EFI. Jordan_U: Boot a specific OS from USB. I tried Ubuntu, and it is booted. I tried Mint, and it is booted. I tried Kali, and it is booted. alaz: Please post a picture of the screen when you boot the USB drive, or a picture of the BIOS screen when you try to boot




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Casper 8 Startup Disc (Boot CD) Full Version [Latest 2022]

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