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  • Can You Use an Extension Cord With a Bidet Attachment?

    The simple answer is yes... However, here are some important guidelines: Only use a 3-wired extension cord that is rated at 15 amps (1800 watts) Recommended 3 Foot Extension Cord Recommended 6 Foot Extension Cord Only one extension cord can be used as a time to connect a bidet attachment. Only one extension cord can be used as a time to connect a bidet attachment. The extension cord needs to plug into a GFCI protected outlet. Keep the extension cord away from the water line. The extension cord needs to be kept off of the floor in order to decrease risk of electric shock, loose connections and tripping over the cord. Purchase a cord concealer and clips for extension cord wire management. *** Please note that using an extension cord voids the LuxyLoo Warranty. LuxyLoo will not be responsible for any damage an extension cord may cause. If your extension cord becomes warm, stop using immediately. - January, 2022 SOURCES: 1. Veronica Fletcher, Founder of Yuzu Magazine 2. Bob Vila Blog

  • Easy Bathroom Upgrades- Bidet Attachments

    A bidet has always been the best way to get clean after using the loo. However, Americans are behind the times, and bathrooms aren’t designed with a bidet in mind. It can seem daunting to add a device that will allow you to NEVER WIPE AGAIN. A bidet attachment is the easiest way to upgrade your current toilet. The best part is you don’t need any sort of fancy bidet conversion kit. A modern bidet attachment comes with all the parts you need and uses your toilet's plumbing. Simply swap out your old toilet seat with a LuxyLoo bidet attachment. View install guide A modern bidet attachment uses a three way connector to make use of your current water line to divert clean water through the attached sprayer, which washes your bottom. More luxurious options, such as a LuxyLoo powered bidet, come with a full kit that will convert your toilet to include a heated seat, warm water sprayer, warm air dryer, and more. You will need an outlet nearby, so this may require an electrical professional. Reviews and Press If you are looking for a simple way to upgrade your bathroom, do a little remodel, and live the good life, a bidet attachment is a great place to start. You will find the conversion to be amongst the easiest and most rewarding of your home improvements. You will not miss wiping with toilet paper.

  • What Does Caffeine Really Do?

    Almost 80% of adults drink caffeine daily. It keeps us from falling asleep when we are running on empty, but it also does a few more things to our digestive system. Acid in your stomach increases when caffeine enters your system, causing heartburn and a more frequent need to pee! Caffeine adjusts the rate at which the with which the GI (gastrointestinal) tract moves, thus affecting speed of digestion. It can trigger movement in your intestines, leading to an immediate need to poo and even diarrhea. We love coffee AND caffeine. However, keep your intake to under 4 cups a day if possible. Also, those who suffer from GI problems should be weary of consuming caffeine as it could worsen symptoms. A good solution to any messy coffee bowel movements is a LuxyLoo bidet attachment! A gentle (or more intense, depending on your preference) stream of water on your butt will take care of any degree left from the harsher side effects of caffeine. Feel confident to continue your day with a coffee buzz and a fresh bum. Drink coffee. Let LuxyLoo take care of the rest. SOURCES: Medically reviewed by Natalie Olsen, R.D., L.D., ACSM EP-C — Written by Ann Pietrangelo — Updated on September 28, 2018 Manhattan Gastroenterology -

  • Was the TP Crisis of Covid-19 a Good Thing?

    Well, not exactly. The irrational hoarding of toilet paper created mass pandemonium, shortages, and forced families to limit their use and find alternative solutions. The TP crisis brought light to some pretty alarming issues about how wasteful we have been with this limited natural resource. It has been discovered that around 15 million trees are killed EVERY YEAR, just to make toilet paper. What’s just as bad is that it takes 37 gallons of water to produce ONE roll of toilet paper. And, It is expensive! Americans use more toilet paper than any other country in the world, to the tune of $6 billion annually, or $8,500 per person over their lifetime. Alternative solutions are taking hold for all the right reasons. There were rudimentary solutions such as paper towel, which quickly ran out, and reusable washable towels, which were using more water to wash and more gross and unsanitary than desired. Some less harmful products such as toilet paper from recycled sources and bamboo toilet paper have been a welcome alternative, albeit less comfortable on that sensitive peach. Bidet attachments, a modern twist on the sanitation method used by the rest of the world for centuries, has finally taken hold in America. Bidets have been used by the rest of the world, and, new bidet attachments are allowing Americans to go green, save some green, and get clean! At an affordable range of $49-$699, bidets are quickly becoming a better solution to the waste, expense, and bad hygiene of toilet paper. There are some pretty simple devices that attach to the water line create an instant spraying option with clean water to wash your rear end instead of using wasteful paper. Electronic bidet attachments have turned a TP crisis into a life of luxury. Without needing any extra space, a bidet attachment will take the place of your toilet seat, use your existing water source, and, simply by plugging into an outlet nearby, you have solved the crises and stepped into the modern world. The higher end models have temperature controlled heated seats, a warm-water oscillating sprayer (for both front and rear cleaning), and even a dryer and more to truly eliminate the need for wasteful paper. We are thrilled to see a problem that most weren’t even aware of is being solved. Our personal preference is the electric bidet attachment! The cost is quickly recouped by the massive reduction in toilet paper, and, for something that EVERYBODY does every day, why not enjoy the experience! Do your part and look towards a modern solution to a long time problem, and, please don’t get caught up in another TP crisis. #TOILETPAPERCRISIS #LUXYLOO #GOGREEN #BIDET #LUXURY #TREATYOURPEACH

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